Thursday, February 4, 2010

Romantic Limerick

Since it is nearly Valentines day, here is a romantic limerick. I love ye baby.

I met a girl who was Scouse
She let me put my hand under her blouse.
We went on a date
It all went great,
Now she won't fuck off out my house.


  1. i know what you're talking bout mate
    the honeymoons always so great
    but then it all moaning
    and non-sexual groaning
    and 'why wont you scrape you're own plate?!'

  2. I thought this was going to be a bit of positive press for once on the lovely city of Limerick... the restaurants... the pubs... the eh shops... petrol stations... But no. Maybe ye could go there for the honeymoon??

  3. You never got your hand up my blouse before the first date. It was the 2nd....and it wasn't a was a jumper.

  4. Oub.... that's what she said!!! Oh no he didn't oh shit he did. I apologise for the Carry On humour just couldnt fight it any longer