Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Horror, The Horror

I was innocently watching Eastenders with the Missus last night when my eyes were bombarded by Natalie Cassidy. I dislike her intently. She looks like someone skull fucked a kipper.

Also I dislike Kerry Katona and her yo-yo weight gain and loss, she must have a fuck load of cardboard cut outs of her looking fat and miserable. And then buy a fuck load of pies in order to put it back on again. I also dislike her. She is the human equivalent of that fluff that gathers down the back of the sofa, it serves no purpose and reminds you of absolutely nothing good.

I would put a picture of them up but I don't want to.

Ok here it is:


  1. So, am I right in think, that you, to some extent, don't like Nat nor Kerry very much? It was hard to tell...

  2. It's not that I want them dead, cos that would be wrong. I just want them in a locked room away from cameras and my sight. Katona could work in a zoo... or jumping through hoops at Sea World... cos she's a whale and so forth

  3. I doubt she has the brain power to get herself through a hoop...