Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brian Laws has been fired from Burnley

It is true. In a move that was in the "We all saw this coming" section of the news the - now former - Clarets manager was asked to step down from the role. A statment will be made by the club tomorrow.

Some people will point to his record of 10 wins in 40 games, one away win all season, no back to back wins and the fact that he was hired to keep Burnley in the Premiership but didn't as just cause. Some people will point out the fact that we won most points after falling behind, meaning we always conceeded the first goal. Others, will point to the fact that he never really got the fans onside. Few will point out that he made mind boggling subsitutions and was never sure of his best team. Or that he paid over a million for a defender and then never played him and then loaned him out to Preston. One or two kind minded individuals will point out that he does seem like an awfully nice bloke. And, his daughter is a page three model who is going to the States to try her hand at muscular women modelling. Apparently.

I believe that he was given the footballing equilivant of Mission Impossible. He had to follow one of the most popular (up until he fucked off any road) managers of the last twenty years, the entire back room staff buggered off, the team spirit had evaporated and no one believed we could stay up.

When Coyle took us up in 2008-2009 we were an average Championship side. A few clever signings and a team belief later we went up. We looked to be doing all right in the Premiership but Bolton Wanders wanted our manager and he wanted them. So we appointed Laws.

The fans never liked him, the players mustn't have believed in him and now he is gone. A new era and a whole load of me getting upset on a Saturday awaits.