Saturday, September 5, 2009

Better Politics

Apparently, most politicians are scum on the make... who knew? Not me but I pay little attention to anything. However, some people don't. Some people still believe they can make a difference and change things.

This site I stumbled on,, aims to do just that. It is mainly British in its political orientation but its principles are, sadly, universal. If you join then you can complain about the Irish, American, Zimbabwean or European parliaments.


  1. Janey Mac, Matt, looking at the first three on that list of countries I bet that site is hoppin big time. Good luck on the radio.

  2. You rocked and were very funny! Loved the comment about the different coloured post boxes and various other. I chuckled a LOT. am on in a few weeks, eek.

  3. Well Done Matt. Loved the 'eulogy you didn't do' - very true of those occasions. Glad you got the 'Going Home' song to work too, I might use that some day!

  4. Thanks for the comments about the show, I am trying to find ways of putting it on here. Apparently, according to my mate, it can be done.

    TFI - I don't think the internet could handle all the bad press for some parts of those three governments!!!