Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old Poems

I was looking through some stuff and stumbled across some old poems, probably about six years old as I was doing my under grad when I wrote them. An excuse? Possibly.

Fat Porn Stars

Fat Porn stars
What's the point?

When nothing achieves
The purpose designed.

Like so much dead time
Floating as we drown

In what we make
And what we are.

Overweight they fake
Every intimate aspect.

This soulless vacuum
Of watching suffocates.

They are not female,
They just are.

You are not male,
You just are.

This is not real
Like hookers under bridges,

You wonder why the do
What they do

As you sweat and writhe
They think the same about you!

-Also, as an added extra -

It's not that if I told you everything
You wouldn't understand
As I am sure you would be comforting

It's not that if I laid myself bare
You wouldn't lend a hand
It's just I don't think you would care.


  1. Great stuff Matt :) Loving the porn stars in particular. And I have to say, high standard - I think I'd rather never write another word then even look at what I wrote as an undergrad...

  2. I have to say most of it was pretty dross, all misplaced teen agnst and that crap. 'Why won't she loooooove me?' type of thing. Thanks for the comments, still haven't figured out the point of fat porn stars...

  3. Maybe some guys are turned on by fat?
    Love the poem though!

  4. I love the poem too - so now you have three!