Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am trying to get the Sunday Scrapbook Show, starring Various and supported by me, online for those that have missed it - or enjoyed my fast paced nervous renditions of some of my poems. And my fantastic attempt to sound clever but saying "singer songer" as a new form of artistic movement. And would you like to relive the short history of Burnley I gave. I would.

Well I am trying to make it in to a movie and then split it into six parts, whack it on Youtube and then slap it on here. And all the while attempting to write something new for group and for Glor.

In the meantime I am scouring the earth, Facebook, for guest Bloggers and persuading Dan to do another post, but on what? Suggestions?

If anyone noticed that I put up a Blog sometime over the weekend and then it promptly vanished, like a blogging version of Lord Lucan or Richey James. The reason I took it down was simply the draft was funnier than the end product. We strive for, and more often than not miss, perfection.


  1. I noticed and was desperately trying to think of a witty comment and then you took it down.
    Yes please, Burnley's history condensed, as well as the fantastic moment where I said, "I was gonna say something,,,... no it's gone" *nervous giggle*
    Genius on a tape...

  2. I'd forgotten about the questioning almost of a 'Late Late' standard.