Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion

New blog at the amazing:

Using one blog site to advertise another, I think the internet might implode if you don't click on it. Then how will people get poorly streamed football and porn? It is a responsibility I don't think you should take lightly. Or avoid.

In other news, the new season has started. Burnley are undefeated (one win and a draw).

In the Premiership one round of matches has been played and from it we can garner some facts:

  1. Chelsea will walk the title, they beat West Brom six-nil
  2. West Brom will go down, they lost six-nil
  3. Wigan are awful
  4. Blackpool might surprise everyone, but most likely will do what my beloved Burnley did.
  5. Bolton Wanders will be mediocre but safe
  6. Blackburn Rovers will be exposed as being owned by Satan and funding a secret Alien Invasion and will then be disbanded with all their players and supporters imprisoned for Treason

I wonder how many will come true - my guess all of them.

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