Sunday, July 4, 2010

Specific Blog

Since I couldn't figure out how to change the name of the site, from this rather long winded title. To a nice and cogent "Poetry in Stasis" and also to have something thematically linked. I have created a new blog. and a specific email the aim, simply is to have online poetry magazine. Featuring articles, reviews and what have you. I want it to be full of other people's opinions and beliefs. So send in an email about something you have seen, read or heard. And it will more than likely be put up.

Articles should be once or twice a week.


  1. But I'm too lazy to set up a new link!!! Arghhghgh... oh all right then, and best wishes for the new blog, sounds like fun

  2. Cheers Niamh, I expect something in my inbox before the next full moon