Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Poem and no updates

The man to the side of this picture was recently on Question Time. Some people said it was a cheap grab for ratings (they peaked at eight million people) the BBC claimed that it was in interest of fairness and imparitality. To be fair, it was an hour of people picking on Nick Griffin and making people feel sorry for him. Interesting historical footnote, Hitler got to power because the ruling classes underestimated him. Mmmm.

Anyway, on the back of this and the Stephen Gately post is another VAGUELY TOPICAL POST.

Dressed is shirts not brown but blue,
Hate only ever changes its hue,
Collar undone, tie hanging awkwardly loose,
Fixed grin shining off new shoes.

Students shouting slogans outside again,
Arm links, human chains with a friend;
Reflective jackets blocking black gates
They are equal only in their hate.

Suave, sophistication
Masking solipsism,
Panel pointing fingers
To garner audience opinion.

The disaffected, the bored,
The forgotten, the ignored,
All line up to sign a Protest vote,
As He promises what other suits wont.

This is the danger of grubbing for ratings
To allow prejudice its space for ranting,
To give it a platform and to call it equal
By legitimising the backward and evil.

But, in the end, when he is in power alone
We can all stand, conform, and admit
The massacre on the streets
Started with ignorance in the home.

-Also in the interest of fairness and all that crap. Jan Moir apologised for any offence caused and said that there was no homophobic intent. There was, but meh.


  1. I'll second that meh Matt. Nice poem. especially this part

    The disaffected, the bored,
    The forgotten, the ignored,
    All line up to sign a Protest vote,
    As He promises what other suits wont.

    I seriously believe tho that there'll never be any more real revolution. Anyone that could change things is too busy doing drugs, and everybody else is just too fucking square.

  2. It's scary how true your last two lines are there Matt. But anyway - yeah - meh...
    i'm not doing drugs, but i must be just too square cos I can't really see how to change things either... but then it is wednesday - happy wednesday!!!

  3. The meh was for Jan Moir, as she was bound to say "I'm not a homophobe" and all of that self-deluding crap.

    Uisce - I don't think that there will be another revolution in the capatalist world. Too much people will loose too much money. Nick Griffen isn't a revolutionary as he doesn't want to change the system just run it. As far as I know he is a Monarchist. He is just dangerous.

    Niamh - I am rather please with the last couplet, and the only thing that can be done, according to the literature I have read, is to get people interested and not disaffected enough to vote for marginal facists.