Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is New to me

I am not too sure what to do with these, do I use them to force my own ideas and opinions on others, or alternitvely, do I simply put new poems and poems which are being worked on here and let the world say what they want?? I think, for the sake of ease and for those times when the poetical Muse is not bothering with me, I will do a mixture of the two.

And that is as far as a statement of intent as any one is going to get from me.

As for what I write about, I do not have any specific themes or, I would argue, style and I write about what I think about. Feel free to comment, insult, glorify anything you see and read.



  1. Yay! Matt's here! Find the rest of the group from my blog at Niamh = various, Joan O = DramaQueen, Lisa = beedlemama... we are such a bloggy lot... and I'm sure you know Colm's already.

  2. oh -eee, hello! Hello Hello. This is a very funny place. I have never posted any 'work' on here, mainly musings about utter trivia, or something I need to get off my chest. It is however quite addictive and stops you doing actual writing.